Everyone benefits when we support the most vulnerable among us

Do your part today by investing in one of our programs.

Emergency Shelter and Supportive Services for Older Adults and those who are medically fragile       We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis happening right on our doorsteps. Unhoused individuals, many who are seniors or who are suffering from life threatening conditions, are being discharged from hospitals to the streets with no one to turn to and nowhere to go! Housing 4 the Homeless (H4H) has developed an Emergency Shelter and Supportive Services Program (ESSSP) to meet this need and we’re looking for community support to provide shelter and life saving resources.

Typically, these are ‘chronically homeless’ individuals, most often seniors who are high users of emergency services. They are very difficult to support while on the streets, and congregate shelters don’t work for them for a wide variety of reasons.

A pledge of any amount can help assure that these people get a safe space to rest and recuperate while we bring intensive case management and services to them.

Family Reunification Help us to continue to provide transportation out of San Diego to unsheltered neighbors who do have friends or family willing to help them once they arrive but can’t afford to send them a ticket home. First we contact someone on the receiving end to make sure they have a place to go, provide a bus ticket, snack food for the road, and if they don’t have any money $20/day for food. The average cost is around $350 per person.

Stabilization House of Hope (6-24 month home stay)
In this program we supplement rent, pay all utilities and provide shared household items for single mothers with young children.

Mobility Mentoring (hands on coaching and mentorship)
This program provides a framework for conversations with participants. The Bridge to Sustainability has five ‘pillars’, Family Stability, Well-Being, Financial Management, Education and Training, and Employment and Career Management. We partner with participants so that over time they can acquire the resources, skills and sustained behavior changes that lead to lasting positive change. This program includes Coaching for Economic Mobility, the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency, Goal Setting and Recognition.

Rise to Resilience (get to the root causes of homelessness)
For those who have experienced high levels of trauma, Doubt, Discontentment, and Disconnection can place them in a chronic state of survival, impacting every area of their life. The good news is we can help them do something about it!

Through this program healing is nurtured in community, where one feels a sense of belonging and can see themselves and their stories in others who have shared goals and a shared hope. A healing community is one of mutuality where participants do not only receive support but also give support through the telling of their own stories.

Welcome Home – Housing programs like Rapid Rehousing or Permanent Supportive Housing often times provide shelter but few if any of the things that make a house a home. We supply whatever is needed from sheets, towels, and pillows to cleaning supplies, area rugs and furniture.