Our Mission

Housing 4 the Homeless serves San Diego‚Äôs most vulnerable unsheltered community members, helping them to move from crisis and vulnerability to safety, stability and self sufficiency, by connecting them to life saving services & community; we support their experience of autonomy, competence,  and dignity, restoring their connection to a hopeful and thriving future.

First, Do No Harm!

People aren’t resistant to services, they are resistant to programs that don’t serve their needs!

San Diego is failing our most vulnerable community members!

Simple things like an ID, a social security card, a mailing address, medical coverage, a credit card, a bank account, can be nearly impossible to maintain while living on the streets, yet they are the very things that are required to get access to supportive services.

We walk alongside our unhoused neighbors until they have all of these basic necessities which open the door to housing and jobs.

We also provide emergency shelter and a six month transitional housing program.

All are welcome but we focus on those who are deemed ‘service resistant’, those who are left to languish on the sidewalks, often with serious physical and mental health challenges.