Employment Statistics Can Be Very Misleading


The U3 method that is used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to report unemployment is very misleading. It doesn’t include ‘discouraged workers’, those who have given up and have not looked for a job for the past 4 weeks.

According to the BLS, when you look at the
Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate: Men
30% of the able bodied men in the United States Do Not Have A Job!
This number has doubled since 1960.

The Path to End Homelessness

THIS is the path to end homelessness, please watch!

Rosanne Haggerty was the key note speaker for the Live Well San Diego Advance on Monday. This solution is working across the country, its about honesty in framing the challenge and intensive collaboration.

We can reach functional zero homelessness but we all have to engage, at the very least by pressuring decision makers to take the leap and engage in non-traditional ways.