About me

I am a Social Justice warrior who is not willing to accept the status quo!


Clothing, shelter, adequate amounts of healthy nutritious food, physical and mental health care services, are all human rights. There is no place for multi-billionaires in a country where homeless children go to bed hungry.

Make no mistake, billionaires made their money on the backs of all of us. We pay for the roads, the police force, emergency services. Collectively we paid for that utilities grid, sewage system and water delivery system that their businesses rely on. It’s time to pay back a debt that has been accumulating for decades! This is NOT socialism, this is just compensation, the 1% have been leaching off of the rest of us for far too long!

Time to stop corporate welfare!

Income inequality is not due to brilliance or hard work by the few, it’s due to a lack of ethics and a moral compass on the behalf of the owners of large corporations, and the politicians that they own, who game the system to their advantage.

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

― Angela Y. Davis